Although the topic of the budget becomes a topic of discussion that can give for a whole blog, it is important to note that we in our immense fears when it comes to facing the female gender, we must rely on other strange advantages to what we truly are ; Whether it is some flowers, an outing to dinner, a good perfume or a car, we are always looking for tools to achieve the purpose, when in fact the best tool we are ourselves knowledge that does not come but when you are already married and is quite difficult to return the time to apply it There are other cases like the one of Manuel, practically seventy years old, who in a family meeting does not stop looking at his wife, Isabel, while playing with her grandchildren. he contemplates it without ceasing to observe it. The lady clearly showed the passage of time and the effects of gravity, but Manuel continues to see her loaded with eroticism and desire. I watched them closely throughout the rest of the day and when each and every one of the couples were together, they were the only ones who touched. Manuel had his arm on Isabel's shoulder and she leaned on his chest from time to time. Dedicate yourself to learning your life. Learning is more than a learning article. Learning implies change. You don't have to finish everything when you achieve your main goal or at a certain age, and to learn better implies learning to learn what it is to continuously move. Learning never ends. The game seems easy but it is not, making this situation a reality without setting a scene worth remembering by each and every one of the diners can be formidably complicated. In addition to this, the roles are not prefixed by sex, since it can be done both ways.