Sometimes, the bad emotional state with which an inconvenience leaves us becomes a magnet for other problems. You must recognize this reality and take steps so that you do not carry the negative emotional charge of your personal problems to work. If it is bad to have a personal crisis, it is worse to have a personal crisis combined with an economic crisis for having lost a job.

Yes I said, with a small voice

To finish, ask the same spectator or another to take cards from above and leave them on the table until the moment you tell them to stop, which you will do when you have secretly counted that they have left sixteen cards. Now tell him to make a new pile in exactly the same way, only this time you are secretly counting to twenty. Finally, you must put the remaining cards in your hand on the table making a third pile. And that's it. It goes out alone. Test it. The way to discover the miracle now can be by betting that in the middle pile there are twenty cards … When someone suggests that you know because you have counted them, say that their observation seems fair and that, therefore, you are going to play it a little more saying that, in those twenty, there are precisely ten red and ten black, and that it would be wonderful if, although it has been distributed and mixed as desired, each and every one of the ones on the left are black and all on the right red.

For good sex, let's go

In this writing we have explored a large number of pleasure enhancers in a plurality of categories. However, there is one form of sex enhancement that falls into a category by itself … tantric sexual practices. Although they do not involve ingestible chemical agents, tantric practices can be considered stimulating in a general sense, they are sometimes among the most effective approaches to enhance sexuality and can undoubtedly broaden your erotic horizons and multiply your pleasure potential on many occasions. . The roots of the Sanskrit word tantra are linked to the words weave and stretch. We include tantric sexual practices here because they let you weave completely new erotic experiences and stretch the limits of your capacity for sexual sensation.

Step 1: how will they find you?

In the few cases that premature ejaculation may be due to anatomical causes, it may be due to consequences of urogenital infections of the posterior urethra and prostate, such as neurological disorders, degenerative disorders, vascular disorders, drugs (antidepressants, antihypertensives, stimulants and anti-flu that have pseudoephedrine), hormonal imbalances and all those diseases that alter the reflex mechanisms of ejaculation. Psychiatric conditions, such as bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, can also cause sexual dysfunction. In these cases, the best recommendation has been to talk openly with the health professional of choice.

Overcome an unrequited love

Touching and contemplation. For the attainment of the normal sexual end, at least a certain measure of touching is indispensable to the man. In addition, the increase in excitement and the new source of pleasure that the sensations of contact with the epidermis of the sexual object provide are universally known. In this way, since, the arrest in touching cannot hardly be counted among the perversions when the sexual act then continues to its end.

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Sloooww down. Yes, it takes us longer to warm up. Fortunately, one of the best things about sex in middle age and adulthood is the lack of emergency for our partners, too. They enjoy slow sex as much as! Make sex play last hours … or days.

What do you think when you meet someone who attracts you?

Hi, I'm Txell, a Catalan executive with exquisite beauty, a very careful physique, literate, classy and a lover of intense and passionate sex. I can be your ideal companion at business dinners, conventions or trips. Today there is a widespread belief among many people that dealing with others is really difficult. A belief that in its most extreme expression leads many people to resign themselves to being able to establish positive relationships and that makes them fall into isolation or negative and harmful attitudes.

Accessibility is usually the early defeat of the warrior. It is as if he gave up his sword to fight unarmed; Undoubtedly, it is the biggest drawback of men, being accessible to any gender of woman who is physically attractive, any escort girl who stands in front of them is going to be desired even without knowing her (although they know what is the least matters), which will make them lose a great masculine appeal in front of them.

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