Social, political and cultural domination is always and in all circumstances the result of an unequal distribution of power in terms of which those who have no power have less power see their limited life expectancies destroyed by those who have more power. This destructive restriction manifests itself in different ways: from discrimination to exclusion, from marginalization to physical, psychological and cultural liquidation, from demonization to invisibility. Each and every one of these forms can be reduced to one: oppression. The more unequal the distribution of power, the greater the oppression. Societies with enduring forms of unequal power are societies divided between the oppressors and the oppressed. The contradiction between these two categories is not logical, but rather dialectical, since both form the same contradictory unit.

Sexology can be the enormous opponent of ethics, perhaps for this reason, its existence, despite having 100 years of history, is still blurred like a word labeled in ink that we would have spit on. It is a wisdom without specific training of its own (at least in Spain), without members, with its doors completely open to intrusion and charlatanism and it continues to be so strange and can become so destructive that we have not even found the need for it. nor the merchandise.

The story is simple: Roseto is a small town in Pennsylvania, where life expectancy was unusually higher than in the rest of the United States. And no matter how hard the specialists studied the habits and customs of the people of Roseto, they couldn't find the reason why the people there lived longer than in the rest of the country. It was the 1960s, when when comparing the statistics of its population, they realized that its mortality rate was very low and the average life expectancy far exceeded that of the rest of the nation. The surprising thing about the case was that those who began to study the habits of the people of Roseto, realized that their daily activity did not differ too much from the national average activity in terms of diet or exercise. The only difference was that the residents of the city of Roseto kept alive the customs they had inherited from their Italian tradition of getting together at night to share the evening together. They constantly participated in social activities, gathered at someone's house to chat and were very active in their community life. After years of studying their collective behavior, they concluded that their high life expectancy was directly related to the way they managed their social life: the residents of Roseto were feeding each other spiritually through of the company, the pleasant chat, the intimate chat, the human contact, the laughter, the group or the simple fact of listening to each other. Community life made all the difference and that kept them alive, in the fullest sense of the word.

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Noseless and short: open-minded, unaware of the consequences of their actions

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The submissive usually has a safe word to prevent the dominant from overstepping physical and emotional boundaries. This safe word is essential when engaging in mind game demeaning activities due to the fact that submissives may not be aware of the sensitive boundary until they cross it. If one of these limits is exceeded and the submissive uses the safe word, the dominant will cease his activity immediately and discuss this point with the submissive in a gentle and understanding manner.

Stimulation: any deliberate action taken for the purpose of administering pleasure

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Taking another brief look at the past, a little over half a year ago, around December 2007, I found a post on the scientific seduction forum, the 1 seduction forum that I found and where I started posting. It brings back pleasant memories, and although it is not a triumphant field report since I did not achieve my goal, I think I can say that it was the beginning of my learning in seduction, I leave it here so you can enjoy it, greetings.