So, the main task in love is to learn to love ourselves. First, don't beat yourself up, none of this happens to me because of me. If you've been wrong so far, forgive yourself. Look in the mirror and say: I am worth a lot, I deserve to be loved, valued and respected, because I am unique and special. Every day pimp yourself until you finish believing it.

Some time later, surfing the net, I found a document on the subject of masturbation and the effects it generates on people. Am I depraved for doing that kind of thing? I thought to myself, if any of us have a need to find pleasure in the opposite sex, is it a disease? Of course not… but I was doing too much what many men do at that age, and consequently I didn't feel like chatting with women because in my mind I visualized them naked. It was as if I was denying myself that so important in the life of a young man. I didn't like feeling this way, so I decided to do something different.


You can have a sexual life that does not depend exclusively on sexual arousal. Sexual arousal is a process very prone to being influenced by variables, Testosterone being one of them. Sexuality is a pulse of life that has stability throughout forever.

After giving myself over to the systematic study of my relationships with them, after having tried every conceivable permutation, after confirming the fundamental vagueness of love and living through it all, I had a dazzling revelation: the present was indefinite, while current deficiencies determined hopes. and how to remember. So I made a happy guess: my bad experiences were not conclusive refutations of the existence as a couple, that without being expected, even in this way, I could live with someone again, in any case humanity was enormous.

The open marriage is based on the maturity of the couple that has eliminated jealousy and rivalry, achieving identity and also equality, for those who love each other freely and trust each other without reservations. So their acts separately or in common become synergistic. The experience of one invigorates that of the other.

Either physical or emotional violence

As far as she is concerned, I imagine that if you commit cyber infidelity, it is easier to hide on the Internet and it is easier to keep everything discreet, so the temptation may be greater. But, since I'm superfaithful, I don't know about these things and I only speak from hearsay… What I do believe, for me, is that perhaps I would be able to excuse a physical infidelity (whether real or cybersexual), the product of a night of madness, but it would cost me more to live with a sentimental infidelity, although I could excuse it… It all depends on where you put the level. There are people who cannot stand or catch their partner looking at another, and people who if there is no sex involved do not consider it infidelity; there are other people who give more importance to a sentimental infidelity, without sex, and there are those who give it to physical contact… So the seriousness of a cyberinfidelity is as subjective as everything in this life.

This makes shiatsu a very appropriate type of massage for self-massage.

We have created life, the most powerful of miracles; Those of us who deliberately and infinitely love the universe around us will no longer be an extinct species. Like us, there are more now that they are beginning to know us and without those who were before us this would not have been possible. All generations, since the human species has existed, have the tradition of bringing children to the planet out of love; it is due to them that today we witness the light, as it is due to you that my heart continues to beat rhythmically to shine for you, and we all shine at the same time, thanks to the first humans themselves, with which helping and loving each other is consistent and consistent.

This was not a specific protest from Juan. His colleagues in the office had warned him that this behavior of women, he would also suffer. The fastest way to lose a wife was to have children, because they automatically became mothers, mothers forever, her older companions had told her.

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You must, since, provide small doses of it, and without seeming that you expect something in return. It is convenient to give the impression that it is something spontaneous in you that comes naturally to you to avoid DEVs or that we can be detected by their Radar. The idea is to create a certain dependency on her, without letting her ever be satisfied.

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You'll have a good story to tell later

A person who is socially turned off and, what is more worrying, who has no life of his own, is a burden for anyone who continues to be by his side. It is a black hole that captures light and throws out darkness. Kill in cold blood and with treachery the illusions of anyone. If your partner often sees you in your pajamas, with your hair in tangles, and scratching your buttocks while you stretch out on the couch, it must hurt deep down in his soul. Days off are necessary, but staying on them as a perennial behavior is pushing the relationship off a cliff.

Seek to be the center of attention continuously, for the other person

Functional poor and this also kills sex. So, in these circumstances, money springs forth as a powerful aphrodisiac force. And in this I want to be eminently practical, not hedonistic, but realistic. See yourself now, how would your general behavior be if you have good money in your pocket or not a penny? We've all experienced that at some point in our lives, when you suddenly realize that you don't have a penny in your pocket. Do you think you feel the same in both cases? Obviously number What's the difference? What makes the difference is that the possession of money gives one a sense of security, attention to needs and satisfaction of desires. Of course, I am talking about the common citizen, who lives daily needs in their flesh, not about those extraordinary men and women who have given their lives absolutely to social and religious service without caring about their physical condition and illnesses, like Dr. David Livingstone, from Scotland, physician, explorer, and missionary in South Africa; like Dr. Albert Schweitzer,

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